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Rado is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010 and works locally, nationally and internationally.
The organisation was mainly formed to address Human rights emerging issues based on sexual orientation, gender Identity, gender equality , gender expression and human rights awareness to all vulnerable groups in difficult environment and situation.

Our purpose is to promote a society distinguished by respect for the equal rights and opportunities of all people- irrespective of gender, sexual identity, gender identity or gender expression, chronic disease, color, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, functional capacity, age, or socioeconomic background.

Rado work is also focused on policy reforms, economic empowerment, health educational issues, social integration, legal support and guidance to lgbtiq migrants and refugees plus other vulnerable groups to end discrimination, stigmatization and injustices towards all vulnerable and minority marginalized groups.

Our mission is to promote respect and observance of human rights to all vulnerable and minority marginalized groups through legal and legislative advocacy, research and documentation, legal and human rights awareness, capacity building and partnerships, skills empowerment, advocacy and lobbying , social economic empowerment and social integration.

Vision Statement
RADO`s vision is to empower all vulnerable groups through human rights awareness and social economic integration programs and prosperity.

Mission Statement
RADO`s mission is to help vulnerable groups in a difficult environment and improve their standard of living so that their physical, emotional, social and economic needs are satisfied. We are the ambassadors for these vulnerable groups and we ensure their integral human development by being a network for organizations, companies and individuals that gives them opportunities to support these vulnerable groups in an effective way.

These are to: - Formulate and disseminate methods to assist young people, handicapped plus refugees and migrants to enter into the labour market and/or receive
employment or be self-employed income generation.
- Identify different vulnerable groups depending on the agency and put up projects to satisfy these needs.
- Address the challenges (attitudes, values, policies) and systems facing the target groups in being integrated in the labour market by and develop or enhance solutions and new methods for the integration.
- Put up visions, short term and long term goals together with the vulnerable groups and help them pursue these goals.
- Skills assessments and analysis of professional suitability of target groups, Professional coaching with in depth guidance and advice to different vulnerable groups like youths, handicapped and Refugees/migrants so that they become self-sufficient.

- Monitor and advocate for inclusiveness and an interactive social safe environment of different vulnerable groups and other individuals.
- Invest in quality monitoring evaluation and learning system for the organizations actions in collaboration with partners and target groups.
- Develop a fundraising strategy to address both local and external fundraising opportunities so as to have in place a consistent system to enable prompt rising of funds for the programs.
- Enter into various networks with both national and international agencies and partners, to share experience and resources in order to implement various sustainable development programs in the communities we work with.
- Conduct capacity building training to our partners at the grassroots to be empowered to effectively manage the various initiated development projects for our different beneficiaries vulnerable groups.